Chapada Diamantina birdlife

Galbula ruficalda, Bico de Agulha.

Brazilian birdlife is among the most beatiful and diverse ones of the planet.

There area about 1800 species distributed throughout the country. In Chapada Diamantina, there is information about around 360 species, some that are endemic in the region.

Besourinho do Bico Vermelho.

The diversity of biomes surrounding the National Park provided a richness of species that makes the region and interting place for bird watching.

Bring your binoculars, your camera, walk carefully and silently on the track and you can register these birds in their natural habitat.


The trafficking of wild animals and the Chapada Diamantina fires endanger this diversity. With vast areas of the Park being burned periodically, breeding and nesting threatened and decreases year by year.

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